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Fun activities to celebration the Labour Day
Release Time:2016/5/25 10:50:21    Author:Admin

 To celebrate the 130th anniversary of the international Labour Dayand  to enrich worker sparetime life, relieve the strain of working rhythm.Our company held a " fun  activities" at the May 1st. This activity has seven projects,as follows: leggings relay ,two people pass the ball, rope skippinng , rope skipping team , cricket, drinking game,and tug-of-war. Each game, the players with high momentum ,the cheerleaders barracking, the event all climax, unusually brilliant. Through the fierce competition, assembly workshop team won the jump rope; Metalworking workshop B, CD team won the first prize in the tug-of-war contest.

After the activity, the company general manager, deputy general manager, trade union chairman and others awards for the winners.

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