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Spring Festival Welcoming Celebration
Release Time:2015/5/9 9:32:42    Author:Admin

ZB Company had prepared a New Year's Eve dinner for all employees in the Sea-Garden Hotel after holding the work summarization for year2014. Company leaders give their best wishes in prior to all for the approaching New Year 2015.

The meal was immersed in a festival atmosphere, with activities like sports lottery draw, choose a red packets ( a kind of lucky draw),Games. Each employee was permeated with joyful and the excited smile on the face, immersed in a lively harmonious and warm atmosphere. General Manager Mr Gao has made his appreciation to all employees with their hard work in 2014 and gave his best regards to all families a health safe and happiness Happy New Year. Employees in this big family were in warm and caring, full of hope for the future of the business, said in the New Year will work harder and do more contribution for the development of the company.


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