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2014 Annual Work Summary
Release Time:2015/5/9 9:14:29    Author:Admin

 ZB company were delighted to gather for the grand opening of the year 2014 work summarization in Sea-Garden Hotel at Jan/31/2015, with the attendees: Company Chief ,Executives, the department heads and

all the employees.

The meeting covered with the work report from each department heads. Vice president Mr Rao bing shared his report against the management of year 2014 and the plan for the main task of year 2015. General Management Mr Gao xi presented the important speech, made very clear about the company's future development of strategic objectives, by improving the technology of “Mechanical substitution” In the third five-year plan, making further reduce of the total enterprise production, optimizing process technology, improving production efficiency and product merit factor, to enhance the level of quality and company development. General Manager Mr Gao put forward the requirement of

Company internal management; information construction; production safety, staff training etc. And called for all staff to participate actively

in activities rationalization proposals, bold innovation, to learn more, think much, together, seeking common development. To promote the company management to a new level in the coming new year.

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