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    the most important resources for Zhongben

          Without talents, zhongben cannot make any progress in its development. We need talents in the competition. The top issue we study nowadays is how to carry out the talent strategy and vitalize the human resources vigorously. “respecting talents, cultivating talents, having both of good virtue and talent, bringing into full play of their talents” are the ideal of training talents for Huanri. So we believe, in order to bring this ideal into effect, we need to introduce talents utmost, develop talents and manage talents.


    specific requirements of introducing talents

  • to be master of professional technique in the related fields
         The development of Huanri relies on the great efforts of our workers and stuff members. Our members should proficiently grasp the professional technique they learned, then they can do their job well. What’s more, they should also have some technology in the other related fields and put them into effect as much as they can.

  • have good vocational quality and moral values.
      The key standard for us to choose a talent is that he must have both good virtue and talent. We attach much importance on the comprehensive quality and ability in choosing talents. As a member of Huanri, first, he/she must have good virtue, honest and kind; second, he/she must full of intelligent. In today’s fierce market competition, we are much more care about the ability of our members, ability of adjustment, to see if they worth further development.

  • • Be responsible, adaptable and independant
         Our member must have great sense of responsibility, which is good for the development of our company, because they will regard our company as their home, our company’s affairs as their own business. Our company has to keep pace with the development of the world, thus, our members must be literate, and could learn about more and more new knowledge and technique. What’s more, our members must be independent, solving the problems themselves during their daily work so as to adapt the development of Huanri.

  • Be innovative and have team work spirit
          Every company has to have innovation during their development, which needs their members to have great ability of innovation, bringing to the company new energy, new knowledge and new opinions. As a company, we need the cooperation of our workers. They have to be a team, striving for the prospect of our company.

  • • Full of passion and high efficiency
    Only full of passion can our workers do their job full hearted and high efficiently, which will bring energy to our company.LI>
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